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 faq with pnw paint night! 

How did PNW Paint Night get created?

We strongly believe that art is one of the greatest forms of expression on Earth! We found it very therapeutic to spend an evening with some wine, paint, a canvas and brushes...just putting that creative energy to use was a much needed fun break from the day to day grind. After attending a class, Theo (see his story more detailed here!) embarked on a new path utilizing his love of teaching and love of the arts.


We are so excited to be a part of so many Northwest communities!

What if I'm not an
Artist Type?

You'd be surprised how much we hear that, and even more so, how surprised our customers are when they discover their own creativity inside! It is a joy to see the fear and anxiety turn to glee and awe after finishing a class with us!


Theo is extremely patient, eager to teach, excited to see each person's own take on a design, and we are ready to help with any and all questions along the way! We want it to be a fun experience of relaxing with friends/family and painting new memories!

Do you have various
levels of Classes?

Currently our classes are open to 13 years+. Most find that the lessons are easy to follow and we also provide a brief intermission during the event too! This break allows you an opportunity to use the restroom, place food and drink orders, and to catch up on your pieces/ask questions if you need a little more time before the next steps.


Remember we are here to help and even if you've never painted a day in your life or you're an experienced artist enjoying a class, we are confident that you'll feel at ease with us! 

Are there Theme Nights/Special Events?

Yes and we love them!


Refer to our schedule often as our artist Theo creates special theme events including Valentine's Day, Ladies Night, Puff n Paint classes and more! Never hesitate to let us know if you're celebrating a special occasion...we love to be included in surprises too!

We are also offering Private Parties...groups of at least 8 are welcome and we also do mobile! Send us your details here and let's plan a fun evening together!

What Makes PNW Paint Night Different?

We love fun and we love new experiences! Theo is a multiple level artist; he has a huge love for music, an ability to entertain, and a talent in creating beautiful art. His joy of art is infectious and once you enter the doors of the venue, you are now a friend he can share that passion and excitement with! You'll hear laughter, lots of varying levels of happy emotions, and the vibe of the experience is guaranteed to keep you smiling throughout the night! Our classes provide a fun experience for all ages, all skill levels, and we are welcoming of anyone willing to challenge themselves on the canvas! Check out our wonderful testimonials here from some happy customers! We hope to see you in class soon!

Drinking Martinis

Girls Night Out!

Girls just wanna have fun!


We know it and we encourage it! Gather up your besties, pick a class design you like, and show up ready to laugh, sip some beverages (21+), take pictures and get creative!


Date Night

Movie nights can get repetitious... surprise your loved one with a fun and creative paint class! Enjoy making new memories and taking home a unique keepsake!

We love proposals also! Fill us in on the details and let us help make it a night to remember!

Kids Classes

If fridge art is getting old, then we have the solution ...put their skills to the canvas!


Can't let the adults have all the fun right?! Discover your child's creative side with PNW Paint Night! We love seeing them learn, have fun, and get excited about taking home their very own unique masterpiece!


Coming Soon!

Private Parties

We accept private party groups at our location AND we also do mobile classes! That's right, we bring the fun to YOU!


No matter the occasion or just because, it's a perfect opportunity to share in some fun with your own group! Click on the link below for more information!

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