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Ms. Heather Nicole Standing


Heather, from my perspective...

Heather was a devoted, dedicated, loyal and fierce individual; an absolute powerhouse to anyone who interacted with her. She was creative, brilliant, hard-working and diligent in every endeavor she put herself to. She was a genius of an artist in her own right; most of the graphic design work she did was completely self-taught.

But to me-- she was vulnerable. She softened for me in a way that no one ever had, to this day. She would hate that I am sharing this side of her, but she was beyond gentle (despite being the "Fierce and Proud Leo" that she was). She would do absolutely anything for someone she truly loved, and she would do anything not to let you down. Heather had a way of bringing the best out of someone, if you were genuine with her and allowed her in.

I would not be the artist and man that I am, without the influence of her guidance. She pushed me, constantly, to be better. Presenting new challenges, offering me larger canvases, investing in new inventory for my commission work-- she was always a light and authority with every move I made toward my own art publication, and I cannot thank her for her support and love enough.

You will always be an icon in your community, Queen-- but to me, you are much more than that. I will always love and appreciate what you did for me, when I most needed you. Thank you for your guidance, love and everything you have ever done for me. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Hoping I see you in the next life,


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