Let's hang out, during these colder months everyone!"

"Wow, folks-- it has been such a wild year for me.. but not a moment was wasted with PNW Paint Night! Every single event was an experience; I've met some fantastic people, made new lifelong friends and connections I wouldn't trade for anything-- and it's all due to my new community! I have enjoyed every chance I've gotten to entertain and help others create; from each event, to each Date Night to each and every time I was invited into a home for a private party! Artistry has truly enriched my life in a way I never dreamed possible-- and it's thanks to ALL OF YOU! From the bottom of my heart-- THANK YOU!

I cannot wait to see what this 2nd Year has in store for all of us; what new community we build, how far the company will reach and what new fantastic classes will be on our schedule! The fun will most definitely continue, folks-- we're having too much fun, right??

Holidays are coming, and we are here for all of your community, family and entertainment needs! We certainly will have something for everyone this cold season-- so be ready!"

~ Thelonious