Springtime is the BEST time!!!

"What a beautiful beginning to spring, folks-- and I don't know about all of you, but I'm feeling energized and motivated! Let me introduce you folks to my son and Prince, Gabriel Anthony. This young man is my whole world and my motivation for beginning my own business in the first place!

At a very early age, it was immediately noticeable that Gabe 'learned differently' than other children, but due to his age we weren't able to get a diagnosis on this special mind of his. With lots of patience and work, we continued nurturing this little dude's mind to finally receive a diagnosis of Autism. Gabriel is a spectacular mind; precocious, curious on how everything operates and an amazing aptitude for math-- also has interests with trains, everything that "flies' and a mild obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog! That's my little guy!

Anyways, since it's our Birthday Month join us for $5 off each of your courses! Join us this month, everyone!"

~ Thelonious